Stone Bridge

Stone Bridge, Skopje 2003

Stone Bridge is Skopje`s most famous symbol. This bridge was build in the Roman Period, during the reign of Emperor Justinian The First, and reconstructed by Ottomans. Everyone who entered Skopje as conqueror did his part building, rebuilding or reconstructing this bridge. After the rule of Romans, Ottomans, Bulgarians, Serbs and Yugoslav Communists, this is how Stone Bridge looks like during the rule of Macedonian Independent Republic.

This bridge is situated in the central square covering two banks of Vardar river, dividing Skopje into two different parts - left bank area who looks like any Western European city, and right bank area, who looks like any middle east Asian city.That gives Skopje a synthesis of Oriental and European flavors, a mixture of old traditional buildings and new modern architectural achievements.

Stone Bridge, Skopje- Ottoman Period

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